House Haldus

Administrative and maintenance services for residential and commercial spaces

Administrative Service

We provide administrative and maintenance services for residential and commercial spaces. Our work is based on the principles of good practice for a property manager – trust, personal approach and expertise.

  • Initial inspection and mapping of the building
  • Managing the handover and reception of the administrative service
  • Preparation of the economic plan of the building
  • Compilation and monitoring of long-term budgets
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Contract monitoring
  • Organizing maintenance and on-site supervision
  • Giving guidance to owners
  • Legal advice
  • Organization, supervision and consultancy with regard to construction and repair
  • Data processing and storage
  • Maintenance of documentation
  • Organization of support services
  • Management and organization of warranty work

Maintenance of Utility Systems

Regular monitoring and maintenance of utility systems will ensure its long lifespan and the ability prevent emergencies, which are inconvenient for both apartment owners and property managers.

Through maintenance, we get a better understanding of how the system works, we also get to draw up repair plans and, consequently, manage financial operations necessary to carry out work over a period of time.

  • Maintenance and repair of water and sewerage system
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical systems
  • Electricity handling
  • Maintenance and repair of heating systems
  • Localization of an emergency situation – identifying the causes and stopping it
  • Elimination of an emergency situation – restoration of the normal operation of the system
  • Maintenance of AFA Systems
  • Ventilation system maintenance

Maintenance Service

We will find the best possible solution according to the customer’s request and the agreement.

Emergency Dispatcher Service

  • 24h emergency dispatch service – reception of messages and transmission of information to the technician
  • Localization of the emergency situation – identifying the causes and stopping it
  • Elimination of the emergency situation – restoration of the normal operation of the system
  • Transmission of information to appropriate parties

About Us

The House Haldus team has 20 years of experience in offering administrative services.

Our experienced and certified team will provide you with the best solutions to your problems that will help preserve the value of your property.

We hold professional certificates issued by the Estonian Real Estate Maintenance Association in order to provide quality service. The service is provided in accordance with EVS 807:2016 standard.


Contact Us:

Rait Romanov

Certified Property Manager, Level 4
Tel. +372 507 2275

Erki Kommussaar

Member of the Board
Tel. +372 502 3791

House haldus

Address : Tõnismägi 3a, Tallinn 10119
VAT no : EE102056949
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Kersti Keller

Certified Property Manager, Level 5
Tel. +372 528 8443‬

Meelis Pääro

Project Manager
Certified Real Estate Manager, Level 6
Certified Property Maintenance Manager, Level 6

Kristi Poll

Office Manager
Tel. +372 503 6018

Kate-Riin Kont

Real Estate Manager
Tel. +372 503 1806